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I offer traditional talk therapy and guided imagery & music therapy. A typical GIM session begins with our discussing goals for the session. Following this is a guided relaxation where the client turns his or her attention to listening to the inspired music selection. The music becomes a vehicle for deeper states of consciousness.


Clinical Counselling

1 hr | $105


Counselling provides a safe and supportive place for people to process their lives. Be it a recent trauma or loss, time of transition and exploration or long-standing problem, a skilled counsellor can make an enormous difference in how a person works through challenges.

Introductory GIM Session

2 hr | $90

Guided Imagery & Music is fascinating in that it integrates many modalities: meditation, music therapy, dreaming, hypnosis, art therapy, spirit journey and counselling. It is best to understand experientially. So, if you are interested, try a 1.5-2 hour initial session for a 30% reduced rate to see if GIM is a good fit for you. 


2 hr | $130

From an evolutionary perspective, thinking in images is much older than thinking in words. Imagery is the language of the unconscious. Neuroscientists surmise that 5% of our actions are consciously determined, leaving 95% untapped. Accessing the unconscious mind is a powerful way to make changes in our lives by exploring parts of ourselves we typically and unfortunately ignore.


30 min | free

What is fascinating about GIM is that it integrates so many different experiences and modalities without being reducible to any of them. If you are curious, come visit to find out a bit more. Try a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation. I love getting to share about GIM with new people, and you get to address any questions you might have.

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